Recent Contributions

Preparing for the End of Consumer Society, Truthout, 7 April (2016).

Fighting Back Against Climate Change, The New York Times, 24 February (2015).

Imagining the Future, Future Tense, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 9 June (2013).

Changing Our Car Culture, The New York Times, 7 April (2012).

Getting and Spending, The International Herald Tribune, 21 January (2008).

Recent Profiles

Is the Cooperative Economy Next in a Post-consumer World? New Jersey Institute of Technology, May 3 (2016).

Profiling a Post-Consumer World, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 15 November (2015).

The Sharing Economy, The Saturday Evening Post, September/October (2015).

What Individuals Can Do to Save the Planet, The Washington Post, 20 April (2010).

Philly FreeCycle Means Less Junk in Your Trunk, Philadelphia Weekly, 23 March (2010)

Recent Videos

Presentation at Workshop on the Role of Cities in Advancing Sustainable Consumption (convened by the City of Eugene (Oregon), the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, and the Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative), Eugene, OR, USA, 29 October‒1 November 2014.

Presentation at the Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, 24 September 2014.

Keynote Presentation at Conference on Climate, Mind, and Behavior Symposium, Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY, USA, 10–12 June 2013.

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